PRIME360 for Athletes

Striving for peak performance? Join PRIME360! Either at one of our studios or online.


One on one Training

The absolute best way to reach your specific goals. You will work with your coach in a one on one setting with a program tailored specifically to your needs and your goals.  This can be as simple as developing as a total athlete to sport specific training or even position specific training for your given sport. 


SMall Group Training

A great cost effective way to train with others like you, either on the same team or friends.  We offer this as appointment based scheduling and programs are consistent to reach the goals the of group! We enjoy getting teams in together to help push each other and strive for greatness in the studio.


Athlete Development Classes

Join a group of like minded athletes who are pushing themselves to reach the next level with PRIME360.  Create a team atmosphere within the varying sports being trained and push through a functional workout designed to enhance your total athleticism.  Click Here to sign up and see our upcoming schedule. Or contact us to learn more!