BJ Grondin


Hello everyone, 

    I'm your Head Coach, BJ Grondin, CSCS, Owner, Founder, Movement Therapist and Performance Enhancement Expert. Growing up I developed a real love for athletics;  the team aspect, fighting through pain and adversity, improving and strenghtening myself physically and mentally-- I couldn't get enough. These passions, though unrealized at the time, carried through into my early adulthood where I finally recognized my calling as a Performance Enhancement Coach; I then earned a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Maine at Orono.  After graduation I started teaching general fitness in Maine, where I was born and raised, and began learning some traditional correctional exercise techniques. Discovering natural ways to relieve pain, and do so permanently, flipped a switch and left me craving to learn more. 

    My next journey led me to the University of Texas where I had an opportunity to intern and learn from Todd Wright and Logan Schwartz, the head of the strength and conditioning staff for the University of Texas Men's Basketball program. Under the leadership of Logan and Todd, two geniuses on the functions of the body, I was introduced to the life changing principles,  strategies and techniques of Applied Functional Science (AFS). This new learning, combined with my hunger to help people improve, lead me to creating PRIME360.

    When the concept was born it was initially to help the people of my community, which I've now done, but my goals have expanded; I want to reach and help as many people as I possibly can, which has driven me to online training. I have an eagerness to share my passion and knowledge on how true health is achieved, by combining functional exercises and optimal nutrition. I have personally worked with all different ages, all different impairments, and all different fitness levels including athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB. My main focus is to improve your personal performance of your daily activities. If you're a gardener we strive to make you the most functionally strong and mobile gardener, ever. We're enhancing your, individual, well being and doing so via movement training/ exercises and nutrition; this includes restoration and revitalization as Phase One (if needed). Let's make you the best version of you possible! I look forward to working together, we're going to achieve some incredible things! 

Your Coach/ Teammate/ Friend, 

BJ Grondin