Employee Wellness

PRIME360 offers top-notch employee wellness programs.

From group classes, to safety procedures for lifting, repetitive movements, and sitting employees, to wellness seminars and presentations used to optimize health and productivity of staff PRIME360 is your bet for employee wellness

We have worked in businesses with over 5,000 employees and as small as 5 employees.


A specified Movement Warm up Routine and Safety targeting your staff's needs

We assist your company is designing and implementing a safe practices routine for your employees. This can be a broad target for the whole business or specified for each department's needs. 

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Lifestyle Coaching and Seminars

We can work with specific employees on lifestyle coaching to maximize their health and productivity for your company. Need a larger scale option? We offer seminars for educational days and times that suit your company's needs.  We will cover topics such as stress management and recovery, movement as an everyday occurrence, best nutrition practices eo follow, and much more!


Group 3D Fitness Classes

If your company has the space available- we come to you!! 

If you need space, come to us!! 

Training your employees in 3D functional way that is shown to boost mental focus and performance more than traditional aerobics or weight lifting, increase bone density more than traditional methods, reduce injury, and can be a lot of fun (especially for your workplace team dynamics)