Joe Murphy


Hi Guys,

   My name is Joe Murphy, Strength and Conditioning/Performance Enhancement Coach.  A Poland, Maine local, college athlete, and graduate from St. Joseph’s College with a B.S. in exercise science. I specialize in strength and conditioning and sports performance. Sports and fitness have played major roles throughout my life. My passion for wellness began early and was a driving factor in my decision to get involved in the fitness industry. I have participated in several internships that have included strength and conditioning, personal training and coaching.

   These experiences, along with countless hours of independent training, have molded and refined my philosophies of functional training into my everyday workout routines and have gotten incredible results. I understand that most people think they know the secrets of fitness: to eat healthier and exercise more, but take a step back and think about the concepts we're talking about and it all makes complete sense. I think beyond anything, though, the motivation and consistency is what really calls for my help and I believe I have gift in helping others overcome barriers they may not think they could overcome on their own. I believe I have a job to do and that's to take the capabilities of your body and make the best version of yourself. I strive to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for myself and would love nothing more than to use my experience and knowledge to help others achieve the same.

Your Coach/ Teammate/ Friend, 

Joe Murphy