Movement Therapy                                    Dynamic Taping*

60 Minutes: $80                                            15 Minutes: $30                             

Understanding how the body truly moves and that the source of pain is not typically the cause of pain makes this service unlike any other experience.  We look at what the cause of dysfunction is and attack both the symptom and the cause to create quick, yet lasting results for the long run. 

Sessions may include:

  • Soft Tissue Integration
  • Functional Manual Reaction (FMR)
  • Dynamic Taping

Soft tissue integration is not massage, yet includes manual reorganization of the soft tissue.  Following our universal principles of movement, energy, and adaptation we create the best environment for the body to heal itself.  Expect to have some areas that can be tender, and to move while this hands on approach is being performed. We must get under the skin to move the fascia and relieve the physical tension that can inhibit movement.  

FMR will be applied to most clients lacking motion. This is exactly how it sounds: Functional, Manual, and Reactive.  Most movements will be applied standing and when performing a movement relating to everyday life and have a hands on component to create the reaction the body should perform in that movement.

Dynamic Taping(TM) is WOW! Ask our clients and feel the difference.  The only tape on the market of its kind, being a load management, biomechanical tape.  This is not kinesio taping (watch the video), as it is visco-elastic which means the fast the body part moves- the more work the tape does to assist.  This is not a permanent fix, however is a great assistant to the movement therapy services for clients to be able to move, live, and feel better!

*Dynamic Taping is not typically provided as a stand alone services without prior Treatment/ Therapy.  It is provided for individuals who have a current therapy program and used to assist in the success of that program without having to pay for a full movement therapy session.

Quick video comparison of Dynamic and Kinesiology Tapes

This video shows how Dynamic Tape®, the "Original" Biomechanical Tape®, is different from kinesiology tapes in that it absorbs load.

Longer Video comparison between different tapes.

The properties of Dynamic Tape Eco, Dynamic Tape Original, Rock Tape, Theraband Kinesiology Tape and Motus Active Tape are compared and clearly illustrates why Dynamic Taping is suitable for the biomechanical approach advocated while the others are suitable for kinesiology taping.