How will I know what to eat?

  • Upon the purchase of any exercise plan we include a nutritional guide of foods to eat. Included will be a list to get your body fat adaptive and then another list for regular nutrition once fat is your main source of fuel. 

How long does it take to be fat adaptive?

  • 7- 21 days of consuming under 50g of carbs a day. Once your body is fat adaptive and uses fats as your main source of fuel you can go back to eating small doses of carbs, preferably with dinner. 

How do you eat?

  • Fast and feast, just like our ancestors did when they needed to hunt for their food. Small doses of fats and proteins throughout the day and then a giant meal for dinner giving you fuel for the next morning. 

Can I have a cheat day?

  • For optimal results, no cheat meals. Cheat meals are acceptable as your adjusting to new lifestyle. Once established cheat days are okay every once in a while, no more than once a week.  

Can I drink alcohol?

  • For optimal results you're going to want to give up most alcohol anyway. A glass or two of red wine a night won't really set you back though, that is the only instance.