Nutrition: The PRIME360 Way


“I had never once thought about the connection between food and health. I thought you eat what you want, and health is something you take pills for. I read the book in two days, and changed my diet immediately. Crandall says that within three weeks, his symptoms had all but vanished, leaving his doctors astounded.”

— Russ Crane

    Most of us believe we understand what good nutrition consists of, but (ironically) we’ve still gained weight, our blood pressure still rose, our risk of heart disease and diabetes still worsened and we’re still challenged with low energy; so what’s flawed with this “flawless” equation? The truth of the matter is the things you’ve been fed (pun intended) have been lies. Let’s talk about real nutrition and how the people who have made these lifestyle adjustments are experiencing life changing results. This isn’t another fad or gimmick this a historically proven process. Though, the information you’re about to read is going to need an open mind, since many of the concepts may be completely unfamiliar or the opposite of what you’ve always known to be true. So how have you been lied to, becoming incredibly efficient fat- burning machines the PRIME360 way and why we should be eating natural foods. 

     You can exercise for 12 hours a day, but no exercise can overcome a bad diet. We’ve all been told don’t eat eggs, red meat, bacon, butter, oils, ect.  because they’re high in calories and are bad for your cholesterol, right? We’re accustomed to believing that we need to eat a shortage of calories and consume boiled, skinless chicken and plain rice (yum!) to lose weight and be “healthy”. A balanced diet is in the ball park of 60% carbs, 30% protein, and 10% fat and we all have our stories as to why we believe this is the most effective way to obtain genuine health. Ironically enough, in the 80‘s when fats were now “out” and carbs were “in”, it was to eliminate weight gain, risk of heart disease and diabetes, etc. but these things have only increased since (US is the most obese country in the world according to So if everything we’ve been told is a lie, what are the truths?

    If you rewind back to our hunter- gatherer days when there wasn’t any obesity, diabetes or heart disease there was also something missing from that, starches and sugars (which we’ve only started to eat in the last 10,000 years). When we consume digestible carbohydrates our intestines break them down into sugars/ glucose. Our glucose levels are then raised because sugar is absorbed into our blood. Our fat storing hormone, insulin, then increases production which is why we feel energy and the reason for our flawed belief that this should be our main source of fuel for optimal performance. This process is called being a “sugar burner”, using sugar for energy, which actually isn’t a complete lie. You do get energy from burning sugar, but it’s quick energy and when you consume sizable amounts you stop burning fat and your fat cells expand with excess, unused nutrients. And to make matters worse you burn through this energy very quickly and then your body craves another refill of sugars to boost what you’ve burned because thats all it’s ever known. It’s not hard to see how detrimental this cycle is. But there is a solution, one that is much, much more effective!

    So you’re interested in losing weight AND becoming the healthiest you possible? We know, sounds to good to be true! Well listen up because this is the PRIME360 way! Before we completely dive in we want to make a quick fix, the macronutrient “Fat” is now being modified to “Fat- Burner” so we’re not mislead by the name, but we’re guided by the function (Yes, it burns F-A-T, FAT!). Our macronutrient percentages are flipped from the ones we’ve grown up believing: 10% Carbs, 30% Proteins and 60% Fat- Burners (it sounds better this way doesn’t it). By switching our macronutrients, this process put simply, is the comparison between sugar burners vs fat burners. When you stop consuming sugar and starches your fat storages are no longer blocked by the spike in insulin. When we deprive our bodies of sugars, we naturally produce Ketones from fatty acids, putting our bodies into a state of Ketosis. Ketosis means our bodies rely on fats for energy (instead of carbs). The ultimate goal is to make you the most efficient fat burner as possible (yes, burning fat for energy!). Simply, when you’re hungry eat fats (grass- fed: bacon, cheese, butter, ect.) and proteins until you’re satisfied, this is a diet you ask? No, this is a lifestyle. You may be wondering, though, aren’t we going to eat way more calories because fats have 9 calories per gram (compared to proteins and carbs at 4 calories per gram)? 

    Here’s the big difference between being a sugar burner and a fat burner, you actually feel full after your meals and you have sustained energy unlike the buzz you get from sugars. So contrary to popular belief you typically end up eating less calories (if you’re concerned about that). Here at PRIME360 we don’t actually count calories, necessarily, we just listen to our bodies and eat when we’re hungry (our bodies telling us we need fuel). Once our bodies become fat adaptive (around 7-21 days, depending on the individual) we begin to use energy derived from dietary fat and stored body fat, which even the leanest of individuals have enough to last days without food. Burning fat as fuel is actually our most efficient energy source because it doesn’t run out (what, you thought fat storage was there solely to ruin beach season for you? Think again). Not only do we use fat to fuel physical activities, but it fuels our brain, too, and because we have an endless supply of it, unlike sugars, that 3pm crash will be a thing of the past. In short: no starving, no calorie counting, copious amounts of grass- fed, nitrate free bacon (!!!) and energy that lasts all day. 

    The process of PST applies to more than just how we exercise; the process is just as relevant and necessary with nutrition as well. The principles, or truths, of our diets are how we develop our strategies, which in conclusion produce the techniques we then implement into our daily lives. All three pieces are of equal importance because if only one piece of the process is inaccurate you’re not going to achieve your desired results; if that’s because of the quality of your food, food allergies (or sensitivities ), weight loss specific or a health related reasons. Here are some principals of nutrition: when we were hunter- gatherers we didn’t have prescribed medication, pharmacies or any other chemical concoctions to try and treat sickness; but what we did have was real food, from real nutrient dense animals because they were pasture raised and grass fed meaning they were eating real, nutrient and Vitamin D dense grass (can you spot the difference); hunter- gathers would recieve the benefits from the animals natural diets. Oh you thought it didn’t matter what your animals were fed? Think again. Here’s a quick study from, “.. a recent USDA-conducted study comparing corn-fed beef and grass-fed beef showing that grass-fed beef is “higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), calcium, magnesium, and potassium.” This is real nutrition. As Russ Crane said, the man who saved his life on a low carb high fat diet (link below), “I had never once thought about the connection between food and health. I thought you eat what you want, and health is something you take pills for. I read the book in two days, and changed my diet immediately. Crandall says that within three weeks, his symptoms had all but vanished, leaving his doctors astounded.”

    The coaches of PRIME360 are passionate about health and dedicated to only giving you the true facts about real nutrition because we don’t want you to lose weight doing something unhealthy (overdosing on caffeine pills, Garcinia Cambogia or whatever the newest fad is), for you to gain it all right back. The reason we do this is for you. For you to improve your entire well being and that starts with a real process that achieves real, sustainable results time and time again. Everything we advise you to do, is exactly what we do. So join us and the rest of your future teammates who have had unbelievable results, and fun, eating this way. Lets eat bacon, burn fat and make you the healthiest you’ve ever been. There’s a complete food list guide we supply with all plans for free to start your journey with all the right tools. We’re ready when you are!

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