Having dealt with chronic back pain for several years as an after effect of chemotherapy, I first went to BJ out of frustration with past treatments running the gamut from physical therapy, chiropractic and orthopedic evaluation. When the final recommendation was spinal fusion and/or drugs, I rebelled. BJ went right to work with a movement evaluation, started manipulation coupled with whole body movement and immediately I started to have relief. He explained how issues such as mine were not isolated to specific areas of the body and he looked at interaction between multiple parts to deal with the pain on a muscular level. Within three sessions I saw great relief and returned a fourth time for fine-tuning and was given a list of stretches and movements to continue at home. Seven weeks later, I am still pain-free and loving being able to be physically active again.
— Peg from Hebron, Maine

Having been a varsity soccer coach at a small, rural high school for 11 years, I have always known that the beginning of the end of every season coincides with the first sprained ankle or strained hamsting. Try as I might every season to incorporate stength, agility, and conditioning to my practice schedule, I have only ever been able to hope that whatever it was that I tried was better than doing nothing at all. But every year, there was a point at which a critical mass of cumulative non-cotact injuries would see my roster of 16-18 varsity players dwindle to 12-14. That is why, in the fall of 2015, when my varsity roster started at 14 players, I jumped at the chance to have BJ Gronidn and Joe Murphy of Prime 360 work with my athletes from the preseason through the last week of our playing schedule. Both of them brought the knowledge and expertise that my efforts had been lacking as well as the energy to help me keep morale at a consistently high level. The confidence my players gained from seeing the growth they were achieving would have been worth the time we dedicated to the Prime 360 program each week, but the season ended without a single minute of playing time missed to a non-contact injury. I don’t know what I would have done without their help.
— Kris, Coach in Maine

Prime360 is AMAZING. Through simple stretching and strengthening, BJ completely rehabbed my ankle when two doctors couldn’t. I would 1000% recommend.
— Zia, Maine

I started this program after having a tough basketball season with multiple injuries, and that really took a toll on my mind and my body. Once I was recovered I decided that I really needed a workout plan that could not only get me back to the way I was before injuries but to something much faster, stronger, etc. I had worked with PRIME360 the summer before with a group of basketball players, I decided that I didn’t want a big group but a more “specialized to me” experience. Now I have not only gained strength and speed but a new found healthiness about my body. The one on one experience at PRIME360 has been the best workout plan I have ever had, the workouts are specialized for me. I would recommend PRIME360 for anyone who is looking to better their body and their health.
— Emily, Athlete in Maine
BJ and Toby exceeded expectations as we incorporated their expertise into our basketball camp programming here at Gould Academy. They do a tremendous job of relaying to their audience their wealth of technical knowledge and how it is practically and appropriately applied..in our case to young student/athletes. My hope is that we can continue our partnership between Prime 360 and Gould Basketball Development Academy!
— Coach McClure, Gould Academy
On behalf of the Parker Charter Essential School soccer program, we would like to thank you for helping us to prepare for our season and maintain our fitness throughout an injury free season(s). Both teams used your program, leading the boys to a school record 15-3 season, and the girls this year made our first ever state championship game! We appreciate your generosity, so we’d like gift you this shirt as a small thank you! Hope all is well!
— Pat McClellan, Soccer Coach
It’s been over a year now that I have consistently trained at Prime 360. I’ve noticed a significant change in my balance, strength, and overall health including a side benefit of losing weight. I appreciate the value of BJ Grondin’s education and training, as well as his knowledge and experience with sports training and rehab. His enthusiasm for education and a healthy lifestyle is contagious and you leave there feeling motivated to eat healthy and be physically active. Prime 360 completed a full assessment with me to understand what my goals are and any physical limitations where I’ve had a few past injuries. With this in mind, they developed an individualized plan. Going to Prime 360 is for me like having a health coach who is helping me meet my personal fitness and health goals. BJ, as well as other coaches, provide training/workouts on movement, balance, strength and flexibility but for me BJ is also a coach who motivates me to do my best there, push me a little harder, and motivates me to develop healthy habits when I’m not there. He is always prepared each week and adapts my individual plan based upon what is going on with me and the goals that I am working on. He makes the workouts fun and truly cares about his clients and the high level of service that the clients receive at Prime360. I’ve made the decision that my health, happiness, and active lifestyle now and as I grow older are all worth the investment. I trust BJ implicitly and would recommend anyone who wants to improve their health and movement to consider their services. Prime 360 is not your typical gym. You need to go there and experience the difference.
— Mindy, Maine

I met BJ under inauspicious circumstances. He was there to assess my fitness to determine if I was able to safely participate in the use of my company’s fitness facilities. I thought he would be explaining the safe and proper use of the various machines in the fitness room. He did not. Instead he put me through a series of movements to assess my flexibility and coordination and strength. Intuitively I understood the point of what he was doing and at the end of our session he gave me a series of exercises, told me to practice them for a couple of weeks after which he would be back. And I did practice them. They were a bit awkward at first but with practice I got better at them. When he came back to review my progress he gave me a couple more sets to try. I was entranced by what he was having me do and it intuitively made sense to me. It wasn’t long afterward that I went to see him and explained my problem. I am a runner and amature competitor. Most of my exercise involves putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly for a variety of distances and durations. I move in one direction only and try to be as efficient as I can be at that. I knew that it was one dimensional and that it favored some muscles at the expense of others. A certain imbalance is inherent in any exercise as one dimensional as that. I asked if he could help restore some balance to my physique as I tapered off my running during the winter months. BJ understood perfectly what I was asking, inquired about the space I had to work out in and the available equipment, in my case just a few resistance bands and some dumbell weights, and he built a series of exercise routines for me. He walked me through each routine so that I understood how to do them properly, and followed up with video support on his website so I could refresh my memory of his instructions as needed. A month later I was back for more and BJ built on the base he had begun. All his exercises involved full body work and movement in three dimensions. It was not something I had done before but the utility was obvious. My following racing season produced multiple first place age group finishes and I was able to train and race injury free for the entire season. I am a big fan of BJ’s performance based training and am in awe of his understanding of how the body’s muscle groups interact. I recommend him for anyone wanting to improve their performance in any sporting activity.
— Peter, Maine