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What are you training for?


Athletic Development

Transform your Game.

PRIME360 Athlete development is the best way to optimize an athletes performance.

Incorporating sports specific movements into multi-directional training techniques, we unlock the athletes full potential while significantly reducing the risk of injury. 

   • Sport Specific

   • Unlocks peak potential

   • Significantly Reduces injury


Movement Therapy

Transform your movement Health.


Movement Therapy is what sets us apart. Rather than strictly treating symptoms (pain), we strive to eliminate the root cause.   We search for the cause of pain, discomfort, and/or disease within the body and form an individualized plan for the client based on our assessment.                                                                                                                                                        Benefits include:

   • Increased circulation to the impacted area to promote healing

   • Increased range of motion and/or strength in the affected area

   • Relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and much more


Personal Training

Transform your Life.


Experience one on one or group training to achieve optimal function for your life. Our movement training will enhance strength, mobility, power, and endurance.

   • Individual

   • Fun and task specific

   • Shown to increase bone density more than traditional training and prevent life related injuries


And More...

Holistic and based on the 5 pillars of living in your PRIME: Movement, Nutrition, Restoration, Mindset, and Community. When creating optimal lifestyles that will work in today’s society, we use your current schedule and goals to achieve sustainable results.

   • Weight management

   • Increased Productivity

   • More energy

   • Overall better health