Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
— Albert Schweitzer

Hello and welcome to PRIME360,

    Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be more mobile? Do you want to understand how to increase your entire well being? Firstly, we’re not your average fitness company, so if you’ve bought into fads and they haven’t worked (surprise, surprise) and you have failed time and time again, here’s your cue (Yes, we’re talking about us). It’s time to put your trust in a company based on integrity and ethics delivering real results, from a real process, to real people. This isn't a quick fix, this is a complete lifestyle change, a transition we know you'll (actually) be excited to make once you learn why. Come read how we are going to change your life.

    PRIME360 stands for Performance and Restoration in Movement Enhancement. All programs are based on the principles, strategies and techniques (PST) of Applied Functional Science (AFS), or in less fancy terms mobilizing and strengthening the way the body moves, makes sense? We think so, too. We believe by getting back to the basics and actually strengthening how the movement of the body was designed to work (I don’t care what Bob from the office said, hamstring curls, yeah, don’t do those) you are not only going to feel better--and by better we mean probably the best you’ve ever felt-- but you’re going to lower your chances of injury and gain real muscle that’s going to help with all of your daily (chaotic, stressful, nonstop, etc..) movement; oh yeah, and look pretty good while juggling it all. Theway it works is that you either:

  1. Let us create an entire new plan customized for you (and your bum knee from that college ski trip). Taking into account your fitness level, your aches and pains that need restoring, your goals and your lifestyle with unlimited access to a PRIME360 coach to assist and answer any exercise and nutrition questions along the way.
  2. Download one of our pre- determined PDF plans that best fits your goals, like our 12 week sport specific or at home body- weight programs. They're all downloadable and ready to go when you are. 

    Originally these programs were going to be specific for athletes because what we do and teach is exactly how professional athletes train. Then we realized everybody and their dog wants to be more athletic, why? Because you don’t need to be trying to avoid 250lb linebackers to want to be able to move better. So no, this program isn’t only for athletes or 20 somethings, this program is for anybody that considers themselves human, oh that’s you? Perfect.

    We know you have questions, so head over to our Philosophy tab to learn more about how we exercise and how we eat and more specifically how doing those things are going to change your life. You have more questions? Head over to our FAQ tab and if your question isn’t there, send us an email! Remember, you are not alone on this journey and we know at times it seemed impossible, but lets make you a believer again. You can do this, we’re going to help you, join the PRIME360 team! We have this crazy goal to change the world and supply real information on how to create real health, a time where we all know we need it most. So help us, help you, help the world by telling your friends and family (and everyone you know) about PRIME360, it's time for a change, it's PRIME TIME.


PRIME360 Team